Monday, December 31, 2007

Develope & Market Your Product Idea

Developement & Market Your Idea, On Your Own:
Product Development / Positioning 1.Distinguish Your Product From Competition in a Consumer-Relevant Way. 2.Capitalize on Key Corporate Competencies / Brand Strengths. 3. Develop and Market to People’s Needs and Habits. 4. Market to Long-Term Trends, Not Fads. 5. Don’t Ignore Consumer Research… But Don’t Be Paralyzed By It
Introductory Strategy. 6.Make Sure Your Timing is Right. 7. Be a Marketing Leader, Not a Distant Follower. 8. Offer a Real Value to Consumers. 9. Determine the Product’s Short- and Long-Term Sales Potential. 10. Gain Legitimacy and Momentum for the Brand. 11. Give the Trade As Good a Deal as the Consumer
Communicating the Product Proposition. 12. Clearly Define, Understand, and Talk to Your Target. 13. Develop and Communicate a Distinctive and Appealing Brand Character… And Stick To It. 14. Spend Competitively and Efficiently, Behind a Relevant Proposition.
Use a search engine such as; WWW.GOOGLE.COM or WWW.YAHOO.COM
Follow-Up Strategy 15. Make Sure the Consumer is Satisfied… and Stays That Way
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