Friday, November 30, 2007

USPTO Patent Examinators Policy

Office of Patent Examination Policy's Responsibility:

The Deputy Commissioner for Patent Examination Policy (WWW.USPTO.GOV) provides staff assistance in establishing patent examination and documentation policy standards for the Commissioner for Patents and is the authority on patent laws, rules, and examining practice and procedure; provides direction on establishment of new rules, practices and procedures; reviews and revises the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure; is the deciding official for petitions on patent matters delegated by the Under Secretary and Director, for ordering Under Secretary and Director ordered re-examinations, for Patent Quality Review appeals to the Commissioner for Patents, for requests for reconsideration of the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences decisions; review of actions by the Patent Quality Review; and provides support, representation, advice and direction on technical matters relating to the International Patent Classification (IPC) System, and other international documentation-related standards.
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