Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is My Proposed Idea/Invention Patentable ?

How Do I Know If My Proposed Idea/Invention Is Patentable ?

First, a determination can be made as to whether your proposed idea/invention can meet minimum requirements set forth under U.S. Patent Law and can qualify under the United States Patent & Trademark Office rules and requirements.

Next, a U.S. Patent Search may be conducted to determine if your proposed idea/invention can meet the minimum novelty requirements under U.S. Patent Law. While a U.S. Patent Search before an actual patent application filing is not required, it often times proves advisable to do so.

A registered patent attorney is often the best resource to interpret the results of a U.S. Patent Search and provide recommendations as to the filing of any patent applications. Interpreting the results of a U.S. Patent Search is a difficult process, particularly for the novice.

It is best to use the services of an experienced patent attorney.

To begin investigating the patent search process, and submit your proposed idea/invention go to: WWW.GAPATENTS.COM

For more information on patents go to: WWW.USPTO.GOV

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